Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fall 2007

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Okay, so to give you a little peak into our lives this fall I've put together this collage of pictures and let you know what all is going on. Obviously, the posed photos are ones we just had made of our girls a few weeks ago. I still can't believe how fast they are growing - if anyone knows any tips to slow it down please pass them along! I just feel like every joyous day goes by so fast and I want so badly to just grab hold of it somehow and squeeze the life out of it in hopes of stopping it! Anna is doing new things everyday and Mary Mac is coming up with some of the funniest things these days that I can't keep up with her. She is so full of herself and talks non-stop (and I mean non-stop). I pray that somehow Sam and I are able to nurture her spirit so that she is always this full of life, love, and sheer bliss!
Anna is such the opposite - she is Sam in spirit - quiet, reserve, and so full of love, but always happy! We call her our little lovebug! We are just now getting to that difficult stage with her though that I had forgotten about with Mary Mac. She is wanting to do everything Sister is doing, but not quite able to yet and she doesn't realize that she can't do it all!
Some of the other pictures include one of Mary Mac cooking with Gran on Thanksgiving - got teach 'em early! Mary Mac singing at her first Thanksgiving program at school - what a site - her class was Little Turkeys and she sang her little heart out. Funny side note: we got a note home with her last week that she was able to bring home a play microphone that was donated to the class by a family. The whole class was fussing over it and there was only one, so Mary Mac was able to bring it home due to her "show-stopping performance" she put on for the teachers. She is nothing but a little "ham". The other pictures are from Halloween where Mary Mac was a ladybug and Anna was a not-so-happy pumpkin; Mary Mac and one her best friends (everyone is her best friend these days),Colin; and then, of course, Mary Mac's first hunting trip with Sam. She is a little bit of a tom-boy (thankfully for Sam he has one that likes to do boy-stuff) and loves to be in the outdoors and getting dirty, all the while looking cute! She saw 3 deer on that trip and is awaiting her next trip! She is obsessed with going hunting with Daddy - she even has a pretend gun that she takes with her! And, by the way, she still thinks the deer "go to sleep" and we're not sure at what point we need to tell her otherwise - any suggestions? My idea is NEVER! You know I'm the "city girl" of the Collins Clan so this is not my cup-o-tea!
Finally, the first picture is a picture that my brother (the gyn0-oncologist) took while here for an early Christmas. He is taking photography classes and personally, he takes better pics than what we've paid for. Well, that is all in a nutshell! Hope all enjoy and I will try and do a better job of blogging!