Friday, September 17, 2010

School Days

No pictures with this post, but a couple of funny stories of the girls and their first days of school:

Anna: Her class in preschool is working on learning to write the letters of the alphabet. Each week those focus on that one letter and everything they do that week involves that letter somehow. So a couple of weeks ago, she was just singing and playing around the house and I heard her saying this one thing over and over and I couldn't figure it out. So I asked her, "Anna, what are saying?" And her reply was, " Mommy, we are learning the letter B this week. And my teachers told us that to learn to write it, all you do is straight line down, belly on the top, belly on the bottom!" I mean, how cute and creative is that! I am so blessed that we have such a wonderful preschool that prepares our kids both spiritually AND educationally!

Mary Mac: Well, her favorite part of school is lunch and PE! Go figure - I think she gets that honestly from Sam and I both! Fortunately, we just had our parent-teacher conference and were told that she was waaaay beyond the majority of the class in all areas (which we already suspected)! So proud! Again, thanks to such a wonderful preschool experience! Anyway, the other day they were supposed to be serving Beefaroni (yuck in my book) for lunch. Our rule when we started school was that she had to "try" everything in the lunchroom and if she found something she really did not like then I would pack her lunch - so far I have only packed 2 lunches! Woohoo! She had been looking forward to the Beefaroni day all weekend, so when she got home, I asked her how the lunch was. Her reply: "Mom, we DID NOT have Beefaroni today - it was FISH!" My reply: "Well, how was the fish?" MM: "What is the word that ryhmes with "ducky"? Me: (thinking she was searching for the right word) "Um, I don't know, yucky?" She pointed her finger at me and said "You got it!" I almost pee'd in my pants laughing so hard. She is such a funny girl and the older she gets, the funnier she gets!


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Random Summer Fun Pictures

Here are a few pictures from our fun summer we had! Hope you enjoy!

Lake Nights!

First Lessons in hooking a cricket to fish with!

Waiting patiently!

Yea - our first fish caught at the lake! (learning how to hold it)

OOPPSSS! Yea that little dark spot at the bottom is a the fish! We let it go!

Bowling With Gran!

Playing in the rain at the lake house!

There is no better saying, according to our families! Just FYI... may parents lake house and Sam's parents lake house is only about 2 minutes from each other - it has made for a really FUN summer for all of us!

Anna on the Dancing Porch (that's what she calls one of the porches at the lake house).

All of the summer fun has caught up with Anna - we found her like this in the playroom at the lake!

Sophie - our lake dog!

One of the few times we actually got all cleaned up for church this summer - we took a sabbatical with Dr. Durham!

Redneck (backyard) version of a waterslide! I came home from the grocery store to find this little amusement park in our backyard!



Anna's New Class

Ok, so I realize that Anna's first day of preschool occurred a week before Mary Mac's, but here are Anna's pictures from her first day as a Friendly Frog! Her favorite thing about being a Friendly Frog is being able to play on the "big kids" playground instead of the baby one.





New Adventures In The Collins Clan

Yes, again, I am waaayyyyy behind in posting this, but Mary Mac started kindergarten back in August and it was a huge month for our house! On top of starting "real" school, Mary Mac also has her first loose tooth! Wow, I really can't believe that I have a child in the same school that I went to and with our first loose tooth! It seems like seconds ago that I Sam and I were married and that we were delightfully (after the shock wore off) surprised by that positive pregnancy test after only 7 months of married life!

Not only has it been a huge adjustment for Mary Mac (which, by the way, she LOVES kindergarten), but it's been a HUGE adjustment for me and Anna too! Anna is having to adjust to being at preschool without her Big Sis there to comfort her when she's having a rough morning. And I am having to adjust to EARLY MORNINGS, early pick-up times, and homework (a little). Man, I didn't realize that 2:30 pm came so fast until this year! I have had to set my phone to alarm at 2:20 just so I don't forget to go get her! She LOVES her teachers, PE, Lunch, and Extended Day (although she doesn't get to go as much as she'd like)!

Since the first day of school, we've already experienced PTA night and a hugely successful school-wide fundraiser for Promethean Smart Boards for every classroom in the school. This is HUGE because at the start of school (4 weeks prior), only 7 boards existed in the school and the parents would have to raise the money for the remaining boards because we are not federally funded school (those of which already have one in every room - go figure - we basically have paid with taxes and donations for our school PLUS the other schools!). In 4 short weeks, the amazing parents, donors, and grand-parents were able to raise $63,000 for every class to have a board! I am SOOOO proud to be a part of this amazing public school (and alma mater) Verner Elementary! I have never seen a public school rally around and become almost like our very own private school!








Dinner With Old Friends

Several weeks ago (sorry Mary and Jay it's taken so long to post this), we had some friends in town and they came over for dinner with their 3 sweet kids who are close to the age of our 2 girls. We had many laughs at old times and laughs at what our lives have become - none of us ever imagined we would be where we are now when we were all single and college-aged, but I think we've all done pretty well! Our oldest girls were born about 5 days apart and we all got a big kick out of taking their pictures on this night and that hopefully this would be a great picture to hang on the wall of their dorm room at Alabama as freshmen! Ha - you think we're a little ahead of ourselves? They all had a great time playing together and making homemade mini-pizza's for themselves. You should have seen the way they decorated them all! It was a great night and hopefully something we can do again real soon!