Wednesday, February 09, 2011

More Fall Pictures

Our Little Cinderella
My Little Pony - of course!
School Birthday Party - her teacher makes their Birthday such a Big Deal! And the cookie cake is a unicorn!
The real Party!


Silly Girls!
Our "famous" pumpkins!
Our Little Indian Performer - Thanksgiving Program. She obeyed our instructions of making sure she was front and center!
Ahaha! I'm out from the behind the camera for a change! After the program.


Christmas Pictures

My grandfather, cousin, and Anna
Some of the great grandchildren
My mom's siblings and spouses
Our family (minus my brother's family)
Almost all (except my brother) of my cousins


Fall Pictures








Here we go AGAIN...

Before I get too carried away - no, I still haven't had time to make any collages of fall pictures, but if I feel froggy I may try and add a few pictures to this post (fingers crossed).

So, now on to more exciting things! Since my last post, the weather here has been totally crazy! Mary Mac finally started back to school, at least for only 2 days before we were out for another 2 days with snow/ice (more ice than snow in our neighborhood). Then she went back to school on that next Wednesday to only be called by the school nurse Thursday to tell me that she was running fever! GREAT! So she was out half of Thursday and all day Friday. Then Monday was MLK day so another day out! You can only imagine out crazy I was by the time she finally was able to go back to school. AND add to that - this is one of my most crazy times of year at work so she was BORED to tears sitting with me at the office for all this time! And since then we've had snow flurries and sleet several more times and another snow storm expected to come tonight! I do not remember a time in my life that we had this much "winter" weather in Tuscaloosa!

Another exciting moment - Mary Mac has lost her 2nd tooth! The toothfairy has surprised her with gold dollar coins for each tooth so far! She thinks that is so cool and Sam and I think it's pretty nice too since it's still money, but a little harder to spend than dollars or change! The first tooth, she pulled on her own (I know, we were shocked too)! She just kept wiggling and playing with it until one day it just popped out in her hand! Thank goodness - Sam NOR I are really big fans of being "Teeth Pullers!" It pretty much grosses us both out! So with the 2nd tooth, it has been really loose for a while but she had a little more hestitation with this one. The first one didn't hurt, but I think she just wasn't convinced that this one wouldn't either. Anyway, it was getting pretty loose and she wouldn't let me mess with or Sam. So one night, I told Sam I was just going to leave them alone for a little while and see what he could convince her to do. He tends to be able to "talk her down", so to speak, better than I can - I guess it's b/c they have similar personalities and he knows what works! Unfortunately, he came downstairs without success, but he was able to get it really loose. He was afraid that he would hurt her and then she wouldn't trust him anymore (such an awesome Dad!)! The next night, we had a babysitter and Sam and I went to the Alabama basketball game. Well, when we got home, we had a missing tooth! I'm not sure if it was the threat of having a dentist appointment the next day or what, but whatever, it worked! She pulled it herself, AGAIN! Now the only issue we have is her new permanent teeth that are coming in! YIKES! That's about all I can say. She has no room for her permanent teeth and they are HUGE! One is turned totally sideways and the other is coming in so far back in her mouth. Braces are definitely in our future!!!

Now, on the title of this post: Here we go AGAIN... this pertains to my pregnancy! I've been doing really good so far, but I really think he's going to be BIG! Right after my last post, we learned that one of Mary Mac's little best friends was diagnosed with Fifth's Disease which is NOT a good thing for an expecting mother to be exposed to. We were keeping our fingers crossed that none of us would get it, but I'll reference my above comments about Mary Mac having fever and you can guess that, unfortunately, after the fever came a rash and then last weekend she had the typical "slapped cheeks." So that being said, as soon as I confirmed that her friend had Fifth's Disease, I called my doctor immediately and was told to come in for some blood work to check to see if I was already immune to it or not. Well, I got the results yesterday at my check-up and it showed that, yes I was immune, BUT, that I had just recently been exposed and/or infected within the last month! The risks with this to the baby is possible fetal anemia. So for now (and I'm guessing the rest of the pregnancy), we are having to have ultrasounds and check-ups every 2 weeks to make sure he is ok and not developing anemia or other issues. So, any extra prayers will be greatly appreciated that everything remains good! Oh and we had an ultrasound yesterday that showed him already weighing about 2 lbs!!!!!! And I'm measuring 30 weeks even though I'm only 25 weeks! And I failed my first glucose test! As you can imagine, it was NOT the best check-ups for us! I just have to keep telling myself that this was all meant to be and that God does not give me anything that I cannot handle! And as my doctor said - I wouldn't have expected anything different from you Leigh! (Meaning, I've had some kind of crazy issues with each pregnancy!) So here we go AGAIN...

The girls and 2 of mour neices at the Pumpkin Patch in September
Sister Love - ha! Notice Anna is not sure what to do with MM hugging on her!
Mary Mac finding her prized pumpkin - she looked long and hard for hers!
Anna found hers - she didn't look so hard and long - she picked the first one she saw!

The weather could not have been better that day!