Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Belated Ash Wednesday!

While we did not make it to our church's Ash Wednesday service this year (they only held one at 6:15 this year for some reason), I would like to wish everyone a Happy Ash Wednesday, a day later. Are you giving something up or taking on something new? This year, I've decided to give up all thing iPhone-app-related!!! I know that sounds crazy, but Sam has declared that I am officially addicted, and I think he may be right to some extent. So, this includes Facebook and I'm hoping that, at least for the next 40 days, I can devote the time I've spent on Facebook to our blog to document these last weeks before we move from a family of 4 to a family of 5! I'm actually kind of looking forward to not being directly connected to my phone for a little while - it may be refreshing, which is what would be a nice change in our hectic lives these days!

As for Samuel Kirby Collins, we are doing great and moving right along on target for a May delivery - fingers crossed! He is measuring much larger than both of the girls, so I am anxious to see how big he is at birth. Right now, the earliest my doctor would schedule my C-section is for Friday, May 13!!!!! Yikes! He said he would consider taking a tiny bit earlier, but we would have to wait and see! I guess, in one way, all of our kids would have a unique birthday - Mary Mac shares her day with Sam's dad and Anna is an April Fool's baby, so why not have Friday the 13th baby!!! Sam highly disagrees! Last night, while at the dinner table, Sam told the girls that we really needed to settle on what we are going to call this little man. And as it's been for a while now, we were still a house divided. So, Sam suggested we let the dog make the final decision - crazy, I agree! And the dog chose Kirby (YEA!), but only time will tell if this sticks or if Sam goes back on his word and says that the dog shouldn't be the deciding factor - which would totally be MY argument if Kirby had NOT won the vote!!!! We are about 95% ready for the baby already - clothes washed and hung up, room almost ready, bottles washed, new car seat ready, etc. Oh, and next week we get to have our 4D ultrasound while the girls are out of school for Spring Break! I will be sure to post pictures!

Mary Mac is playing her first team sport this year and believe it or not she's playing SOCCER! Sam nor I know NOTHING about soccer, but she is pumped and so excited, especially since she is on the same team as 2 of her best little friends! Her first game was supposed to Tuesday night, but got rained out so tonight is the makeup night. And, it would only be right that she picked out the #7 jersey to wear! She is actually really good at soccer in practice, but we'll know tonight how she is during a game! I will have my camera ready!

And last, but not least, Mary Mac's school celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday last week with a Book Character Parade. It was so cute to see all of the kids all dressed in full costume of their favorite book character. And of course, Mary Mac's favorite book is Every Cowgirls Needs A Horse, so luckily we already had a costume for that character and we made a big poster for her to carry. She also took a horse, but said she didn't have enough hands to carry the poster and the horse in the parade. Here are some pictures from the parade. The principal and the librarian even got in on the fun dressed as Cat In The Hat and their were 2 kids (twins no less) that dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2! Sorry the pictures aren't great - they were moving pretty fast through the halls!