Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Another Right of Passage

OH MY GOODNESS!!! All I can say is that I'm not ready for another child to reach this milestone! There's just something super sentimental to me about my babies losing their top front teeth. The first teeth (lower) has not bothered me but I guess it's just the beginning of their sweet baby faces turning into the faces that I'll forever see (after many years of orthodontist bills I'm afraid) in my dreams. And the awkwardness that I know is on the horizon...I mean, that's a given for everyone! Hopefully this time around we won't lose 1 tooth per week for a whole month like Mary Mac did - the tooth fairy was scrounging for money by that last one I'm sure!
I was totally caught off guard on this one too. Obviously I knew it was loose, but after being gone for work for 8 days, it had not even crossed my mind!!!!
Yesterday was the famed Book Character Parade in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday - serious business at our school - so much so that we've been planning our character for over a month. So after school, Anna (who's our overly dramatic one) casually informs me that her tooth (gums) is bleeding...clue #1! So I tell her to just work on wiggling it...knowing from her past tooth pulling history would NOT happen (very traumatic and ended in our family dentist pulling it). This momma thinks nothing of it, that is, until this morning after brushing her teeth she tells me it's "REALLY bleeding"! Low and behold, it was and she actually let me wiggle it (which she never does) and WOW it just dropped right out of her mouth! And thus begins the right of passage and the beginning of the awkward phase...

So the few pictures I took at the book character parade are the last that we'll have of our baby girl with her top baby teeth...sniff sniff! 

I guess I'll have to forever hold on to these pictures (even though you can't really see her teeth). And she did make a precious little mouse if I must say!