Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter "Egg"stravaganza!

We had a very busy, but fun Easter weekend that began with parties at school on Friday, to 2 hunts on Saturday, and then finally one of the most wonderful days of the year - the day Our Lord Lives, Easter! Here are some pictures from Easter weekend.

Catching Up with Anna

I know I'm a little behind, but I have been having some computer issues and a few things going on, such as Easter and Anna's 1st birthday party! I am still in the process of trying to learn how to create my own profile, so continue to check back in to see what I've been able to create (which is nothing at this point - ha!).

Also, for those of you who have not gotten an update on my precious angel Anna's last cardiologist check-up - we got another great report! Yeah!

To catch everyone up to speed, Anna was born with a congenital heart defect called Pulmonic Stenosis, which basically means that the valve that opens from her heart to her lungs (pulmonic valve) does not open as far as it should and has thicker walls than it should. We did not learn of this defect until she was born and her pediatrician heard a very loud and prominent murmur. I, being a former neonatal nurse and a little in denial that something could be wrong, just knew it was nothing more than a VSD or something that most babies are born with. Unfortunately, it was not and was something potentially much more dangerous. At her first appointment (first of many through this first year) with a pediatric/neonatal cardiologist at Children's Hospital, Dr. McMahon was very upfront and told us that he suspected that she would have to have surgery to help alleviate the pressure in her heart (basically like an angioplasty in older adults, but with the valve instead of vessel) before her 1st birthday, and possibly before that! Well, fast forward to today and lots of prayers later, we went for her check-up in early March and he saw no change in her pressures and does not want to see her again for another year! Praise God! We are so blessed and thankful for all the prayers and miracles for our little angel's "heart"! She is absolutely normal and no one would ever know by meeting her and seeing her that she has a heart defect - she is right on target with everything physically and developmentally! Hooray!!!! We could not be more relieved, but also keeping in mind that this does not mean that she will never have to have it done - so continue the prayers!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our little comedian

I have to tell a funny story about Mary Mac and what she did the other night. We had just gotten them both out of the bathtub and were getting our "jamanones" (or pajamas as most people call them) when Mary Mac decided she was going to do a little dance for us. She was dancing around crazy and Sam asked her where she learned to dance like that. She told him Hi-Five - which is a show on TV that has lots of music and dancing, for those of you who do not know. Sam said, "Where did you see Hi-Five?" And her reply . . .(drumroll please), "Well, Daddy, it is on Cartoon Noggin Dot Com! (with this look and tone of, hello? - why don't you know that Dad!) Hilarious! As if she knows what Dot Com means - I realize now that she has heard the commercials for and thought she knew what they meant! Needless to say, Sam and I were rolling on the floor laughing and Anna was looking at all of us like we were absolutely Nuts!

Bare With Me . . .

Ok, so I finally have a little time and am in the process of working on our blog profile, so if at any time it looks a little crazy, just bare with me, I will fix it shortly!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well Needed Mini-Vacation

We finally got to go on a mini-vacation to the beach - just the 4 of us! Wow! Haven't done this in a while! Anyway, we had a blast spending quality family time with our girls. Our trip started out by picking the girls up and letting them sit in their new "big girl" car seats - which for Mary Mac was a booster seat and Anna, poor thing, gets the hand-me-down (but its new to her!). I know, its a little early to be putting them in these, but we did it anyway! It definitely made the trip easier (aside from the fact that neither took a nap the whole 5 hours!). The weather was wonderful and we were able to play on the beach and in the pool. Mary Mac was so cold after playing all day in the pool, but she insisted she was not cold all the while her lips were blue and teeth chattering! We also go to play putt-putt for the first time with Mary Mac - she didn't really "get" that she couldn't just pick the ball up and put it in the hole, but oh well, it was a great memory! We all had a wonderful time and can't wait to do it again!