Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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Yes, you're eyes are not deceiving you! We are pleasantly surprised to announce that we will be adding to our sweet little family! I say surprised because we had decided that we were done and happy with our 2 sweet girls, but God had a different plan for us. As a matter of fact, we had already had a consultation and appointment set for Sam to have a vasectomy, BUT, the weekend before he was to have his procedure, we received the shocking news that we were expecting! After the shock wore off (finally), we are really excited and the girls are beyond excited! They have already come up with many many names - some, not so great! The good news we found out today was that it is only 1! Yea - although Anna will be so sad - she really wanted twins!

We are only almost 9 weeks along, so we are continually praying for a healthy pregnancy (and first trimester)! And, just so you know, this pregnancy has already wreaked havoc on my body - could this mean it's a boy, OR, does it just mean that my body is OLD! Our family has mixed feelings on this one! As Sam has said, there are advantages to both - if it's a girl, we already have anything she could want or need, BUT, if it's a boy, well simply, it's a boy! So, stay tuned...