Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Happy Birthday Anna!

I seriously cannot believe that this wacky, spunky, funny, silly, girly, giant-hearted little girl is 7 today! Where has the time gone? She might drive me crazy (only because she's just like me), but at the end of the day I can always count on her sweet hugs at bedtime. Even if I'm exhausted from the crazy day of working, volunteering at the school, running them around to activities, cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen, getting everyone ready for bed, she never let's me get away without the biggest hug ever! And most of the time I have to tickle her to let go...I pray that she'll always love me this much because I know I surely will always love her that much! 

Now if we can just get that wacky looking tooth to fall out...does the tooth fairy deliver on a birthday? That seems like double dipping in my opinion! 

Happiest of Birthdays to my sweetest Anna Boo! Love, mommy

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