Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter Wonderland...NOT!

So since my last post, I think I can honestly say that my kids have had more weather (snow) days than I EVER had growing up! As much as I love a good snow day, I'm over it now! Thank The Lord we don't live any further north! 

In the meantime, Sam and I were able to take a sort-of last minute trip ALONE to Gatlinburg up in a mountain cabin. After all of his traveling, Christmas holidays, snow days with everyone at home...this mommy demanded a kid-free weekend and the hubs pulled through and booked us a long weekend cabin...aaahhh! Now, yes, we left town with still plenty of snow on the ground and headed to more snow but it was exactly what we needed! Just a few days to reconnect, relax, go to nice dinners, shop, etc. AND, because they had more snowfall than in years, we took advantage and took a ski lesson and spent the day "skiing". I'm not sure either one of us could say that we "ski'd" but it was a little like riding a bike for me (last time I ski'd I was Mary Mac's age-9) and I picked it up again fairly quickly. As for Sam, bow-legs and all, it was tiny bit more challenging and that's all I'll say about that! I still can't get over the fact that his family grew up vacationing in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area but never went skiing! What??? It was fun either way! 

I finally felt comfortable enough to leave him still working on it and went up to the real slopes! It was such a fun day doing something new together...and we have the bruised shins to prove it! 

All in all, it was the best weekend Sam and I have had in a very long time and it was completely worth it! Nothing fancy and just us! We all need that time to reconnect and unwind as a couple. I know I came home refreshed and ready to tackle the kids and work...

Or at least I THOUGHT I was ready. So back to reality, more snow days, sick kids (we've all been fighting a nasty cold), and more work piling up than I can handle. Just for the sake of saying this...I am SO glad I don't work from home...I get very little done at home, but that could have more to do with having 3 stir-crazy kids running around - call me crazy! 

So this week is also Valentine's Day! While Sam and I usually do not celebrate this occasion (I hate fixed price menus - never as good and the ridiculous crowds), I do like for him to give our girls a little special treatment. I mean, what girl doesn't like a little pampering? So tonight he is taking Anna on a dinner date to her favorite restaurant (and ours too). 

And tomorrow night, he and Mary Mac have dinner plans with some other friends of hers and their daddy's and then a Sweetheart Father/Daughter dance at school. She is beyond excited and I cannot wait to see the pictures and hear the stories. Sam has already been telling her that he was getting "warmed up" to dance so she better be ready! Oh Lord, I can only imagine! I'll be sure to post pictures for sure! I've ordered them a boutineer and corsage! I absolutely LOVE that Sam finds it as important as I do to have these "dates" with the girls. You know "they" say that your girls will marry someone just like their Daddy, and they would be OH SO LUCKY to marry someone just as special as their Daddy! I know I certainly did! 

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